Sunday, October 4

The right Canvas Print!

When choosing a company to do your canvas printing be sure they have the right machine and the right method for the job. Many printing shops offer digital printing may not use the right machine and the material to make a print.

Most of the printing shop using solvent inks printer which is lack of archival quality and vibrant colors needed for a quality prints out. Solvent ink is generally use for outdoor sign and banner printing. Other companies may use a printer that has dye based inks. Yes, the print may look great the day you pick it up and is definitely much cheaper!! But dye based inks are appropriately named; they die in a very short term!! You may see the colours fade in few months period or a year later; these printing shops would not guarantee the print out as soon as you left the shop!

To ensure a high end archival digital canvas print, the printer must be using UV pigment inks with a UV clear coat to follow. This will ensure vibrant colors and a high archival value. If the printing is done with the proper inks; your artwork or photo will certainly out live you and be around for generations to enjoy!

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