Tuesday, May 25

Photo Mosaic

A selections of photo from Flickr to join Favourite Mosaic of ArtMind.

You may try to create your own photo mosaic here.  It's fun!

Thursday, May 20

Customized Artwork

 A client request us to design a gift for his friend's new shop opening.
Congratulations on Your Grand Opening

Congratulations on Your Grand Opening

Wednesday, May 5

Saturday, May 1

the Safari Stripe

New arrival to our Online Store, the Safari Stripe. Which comes in different color and sizes. It is an abstract zebra image with digital effects. 

We found the following moodboard matches well with the Safari Stripe. This fabulous moodboard was published by Galit on her blog Slow Lane. You may head over to Galit's blog for more inspirational design related articles.

image source from Slow Lane