Monday, October 12

How to decorate your home with Canvas Art Print

Most of us will never be able to afford an authentic Monet or Piccaso, but we still like to decorate our homes with the look of fine art. Here are some ways to fill your home with art and make your walls reflect your own sense of taste and style.

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to add style to your home, you may consider the Contemporary Canvas Art prints. By hanging these canvas art of your favorite images and paintings, you are not only adding color to your favorite rooms, but also create a focal point for those who enter the room. With contemporary canvas art prints, you can decorate any corner of the house, without having to spend a lot of money buying original arts

The most obvious place to hang the canvas art is in your living room. Since this is the area where most of your entertaining will take place, it's the idea place to begin redecorating. Here are some steps that you should take in order to choose the right canvas for your home:

Look at your room right now to see where you might want to hang a canvas art. If it's a large space that needs to be filled, you will need a larger print and vice versa for a smaller space.
  • See what other colors are in your room and which ones you might want to enhance. By choosing a print with these specific colors, you can create more energy in the room.
  • Decide if you have any themes that you want to continue. If your living room is in a tropical style, try to find canvas art that might enhance this look.

You can also beautify and adding some colour to your kitchen area. Often, this is the other place in your home where people will want to spend the most time, so why not liven it up with some beautiful canvas art? The same ideas for choosing the best canvas art can be used in this room too, but since the walls tend to be smaller, you might want to choose smaller prints that can be groups or aligned on wall space. For example, you could choose three of the same picture, but have them in different coordinating colors for a balanced look.

Another room that could use the special touch of contemporary canvas art is in your bedroom. By bring in rich images and colors, you will add to the sensuality of this room and allow yourself to create a certain feeling. By adding images of oceans and other soothing scenes, your room can become a den of relaxation. If you want something more energetic, you can choose brighter canvas art that add vitality and action to the room. You may also want to choose prints that show happy lovers in order to ramp up the loving feeling in this room.

With canvas art, you can create the look that you want without spending a lot of money to do so. Try to work with the furniture and colors that you already have instead of redesigning the entire area. Start by taking a picture of the room that you want to add the print to, and then email us, we will help you to decorate your home!

Sunday, October 4

The right Canvas Print!

When choosing a company to do your canvas printing be sure they have the right machine and the right method for the job. Many printing shops offer digital printing may not use the right machine and the material to make a print.

Most of the printing shop using solvent inks printer which is lack of archival quality and vibrant colors needed for a quality prints out. Solvent ink is generally use for outdoor sign and banner printing. Other companies may use a printer that has dye based inks. Yes, the print may look great the day you pick it up and is definitely much cheaper!! But dye based inks are appropriately named; they die in a very short term!! You may see the colours fade in few months period or a year later; these printing shops would not guarantee the print out as soon as you left the shop!

To ensure a high end archival digital canvas print, the printer must be using UV pigment inks with a UV clear coat to follow. This will ensure vibrant colors and a high archival value. If the printing is done with the proper inks; your artwork or photo will certainly out live you and be around for generations to enjoy!

Artwork for a new business hotel.

October; a busy month for us. We are providing artwork coordination, canvas art print and framing service to a new business hotel,
Eastin Hotel Penang; the first chain hotel of the Eastin Hotel Group.

More and more hoteliers are placing greater value on art, realising that having art will adds value, uniqueness and prestige to the hotel and distinguishes it from its rivals. With these contemporary decor artwork, it will lead the guests into looking at the hotel in a different light. This business hotel now perceived as unique, stylish, trendy and hip!

There are 949 pieces of canvas art featuring 48 different styles of modern abstract artworks. The canvas art prints will be hung inside the room and also displayed on the wall at the public area.

Each of our canvas artwork are created individually, with high quality archival pigment ink. Our canvas prints are double coated with UV protection varnish and gallery wrapped around a hard wood stretcher so no staples are visible from side view.