Tuesday, April 27

Artistic Nature Photography in Office Lobby

Another art piece was installed in Soon & Poh office reception area (lobby). A natural close up view of leaf with water drops and morning sun shine as background. A natural theme is always the good choice when come to brighten and cheer up the interior.

More art piece at Soon & Poh office can be viewed at ArtBug Project Page

Saturday, April 10

Window Arts (continued)

This week we continued the Window Arts at USM. The windows panel at the staircase landing, were also installed with the new transparent stickers of image of natural tropical forest, which brings in soft natural light into the area.

window, art, sticker, panel, transparent

window, art, sticker, panel, transparent

At the corridor where we installed the window arts last week, today we had also added two more canvas photo print of plumeria flowers.

canvas photo print, plumeria flower

canvas photo print, plumeria flower

The newly installed artworks have really give the interior a more lively mood, compare to the 'BEFORE' look below.

Please let us know what you think :)

Thank you for reading.